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DuneFront is an independent sand control consultancy focused on maximizing reliability through accurate and impartial engineering. It is founded on the desire to simplify and strengthen conventional Oilfield methodology by encouraging a fresh engineering perspective comprising forward planning, retrospective analysis and continuous improvement: Simulate - Evaluate - Optimize.

DuneFront offers a full range of sand control consulting services, which span everything from technique selection and design through to gauge data analysis and personnel training, providing the knowledge, experience and tools required to maximize sand control reliability while minimizing risk and non-productive time (NPT).

DuneFront's Key Benefits

Start off on the right foot

DuneFront's experience and expertise helps you choose the right sand control technique for your well from the start.


Minimize risk and non-productive time

DuneFront's rigorous simulation, evaluation and optimization approach to engineering ensures that you're well prepared for all eventualities.

Design to succeed with PackPro

Design sand control treatments in even the most complex scenarios using DuneFront’s state of the art modeling software - PackPro.


Assess the benefits of new technology

Incorporate the latest technology in your designs, including shunt tubes, pressure attenuators, friction reducers and light-weight gravel.

"See" downhole with advanced analysis

Evaluate gauge data using the industry's most advanced analysis techniques to fully understand downhole events.


Learn from problems and implement solutions

When things don't go as planned, DuneFront is there to help you investigate failures, identify problems and implement solutions.

Build in-house expertise

Invest in the future through DuneFront's extensive training programs to build and maintain in-house sand control expertise.


Independent and impartial engineering

As an independent company, DuneFront provides truly impartial advice to ensure you get the best recommendations possible.

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