Introduction to Sand Control Training Course

Target Audience

This course is targeted at drilling, completion and production personnel with little or no sand control experience.


Participants should have all of the following:

  • Understanding of common oilfield terminology
  • Grasp of the fundamental concepts of drilling and completing a well


This course provides practical sand control design and evaluation experience using the DuneFront PackPro software suite, which gives participants the opportunity to put into practice what they learn. Previous experience with PackPro is not required but participants should follow the steps below to install the software before attending the course:

  • Complete the demo request form on the DuneFront website (
  • Download the installation file using the link provided by email.
  • Install the software.
  • Training licenses will be issued to participants at the start of the course.

For any problems or questions regarding the download or installation of the PackPro , please contact

Course Description

This course discusses sand control considerations when completing a well and introduces the various sand control techniques along with their relative advantages, limitations and application windows. It culminates in a practical project requiring students to apply what they have learned by selecting, designing and presenting the most appropriate sand control completion for a number of case study wells.


Day 1 – Sand Control Introduction

  • Why Do We Need Sand Control? – Consider the potential impact of sand production over the life of a well and the consequent importance of sand control.
  • When Do We Need Sand Control? – Cover the basics of geo-mechanics and discuss the reservoir/production conditions under which sand control may be required.
  • Sand Control Techniques – Introduce the various sand control techniques used across the industry along with their respective advantages and challenges.
  • Completion Types – Discuss sand control considerations involved in high level completion decisions including: vertical vs. horizontal and open hole vs. cased hole.
  • Sand Control Technique Selection – Discuss the reservoir and logistics considerations involved in selecting the most appropriate sand control technique for a well.
  • Perforating for Sand Control – Discuss perforating considerations for sand control techniques used in cased hole completions.

Day 2 – Sand Control Selection and Design

  • Gravel Placement Techniques – Discuss the various gravel placement techniques used across the industry along with their relative advantages and challenges.
  • Surface Pumping Equipment – Review the surface equipment used to execute sand control treatments, including high/low pressure pumps, blenders and treating iron.
  • Downhole Completion Equipment – Review the downhole equipment used in sand control completions, including service tools, pressure attenuators and shunt tubes.
  • Screen and Gravel Selection – Discuss the guidelines used in selecting the most appropriate screen and gravel (types and sizes) for a well.
  • Pumping Fluids Systems – Discuss the various carrier fluid systems used in sand control treatments including Newtonian, VES and polymer.
  • Gravel Pack Evaluation and performance – Discuss the different tools available for evaluating gravel pack success and performance.

Day 3 – Practical Projects

  • PackPro Introduction – Introduce and review the PackPro software which will be used to demonstrate the sand control principles and technology covered during the course.
  • Gravel Placement Examples – Review basic designs of each gravel placement technique using the PackPro software for visualization and better understanding of downhole processes.
  • Technology Examples – Simulate the application of key technology using the PackPro software, including friction reducers, pressure attenuators and shunt tubes.
  • Practical Project – Participants will be given a basic completion design which they must optimize using what they have learned on the course.
  • Participant Feedback – Open discussion between all participants and instructors to gather feedback and comments for continuously improving the course.
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