Sand Control Course in London, UK (30 Apr - 4 May)
Published On : 25/02/2018

DuneFront is running a sand control training course in London which can be taken as a 3-day fundamental course (30 April - 2 May 2018) or a 5-day advanced course (30 April - 4 May 2018). Further details, including agenda and instructor profile, are included in the brochure below.

The course starts by looking at the fundamental sand control considerations involved in completing a well and introduces the various sand control techniques commonly used across the industry, including standalone screens, gravel packs, high rate water packs and frac-packs. The course then builds up the participants’ understanding of sand control completion and pumping operations through detailed discussion and practical exercises covering the principles, applications and design considerations of the various techniques. Finally, it reviews post-job evaluation methods used in the confirmation of treatment success and investigation of failure as well as remedial sand control options, providing a full overview of sand control design, installation and evaluation.

Registration is now open so please get in touch with any questions or send the registration form on the last page of the brochure to

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