PackPro v2.0 Released
Published On : 30/01/2016

PackPro v2.0 has been released and is now available for download. This update includes the following new features and improvements:

1. Well

Adds the capability to define multiple zones and calculate losses based on reservoir properties (permeability, porosity and skin). Along with the new closed choke option (see pumping section), this enhances PackPro’s ability to model cased hole treatments in particular, including the injection of fluid into the formation.

- New “Caliper Data” tab allows the user to paste caliper data, if available, enabling the software to automatically match variations in open hole diameter.

2. Completion

Ability to select the “Measurement Type” for concentric and eccentric gauge carriers to specify whether the gauge reading is internal, external or both.

- Added functionality for defining and modeling the packing of screen handling lengths during gravel pack treatments.

3. Fluids and Gravel

Expanded fluid database which now includes rheology data for Xanthan and HEC fluids with varying polymer concentrations and base brine.

- Gravel no longer needs to be defined when simulating or evaluating operations that do not require gravel to be pumped (e.g. displacement operations).

4. Pumping

- Adds support for taking returns through the riser or up to 2 lines (choke, kill, or both) when modelling subsea BOP configurations.

- Support for modeling of closed choke injection treatments with the option to open the choke at a specified volume during the treatment.  Along with the new calculate losses option (see well section), this enhances PackPro’s ability to model cased hole treatments in particular, including the injection of fluid into the formation.

5. Results and Reporting

Improved animation with completion schematic overlay to aid the user in the visualization and understanding of downhole events.

- Added support for depth based (MD/TVD) user defined charts in addition to time based (time/volume) charts.

- Improved simulation/evaluation reports which now include relevant well and user information as well as user defined charts with their respective titles and notes.

- The following parameters are now reported in the results and available for plotting on user defined charts:
i. Hydrostatic pressure at gauge locations
ii. Fluid velocity at gauge locations
iii. Cumulative volume pumped
iv. Pack location

6. Evaluation

Added support for importing data files with multiple date/time columns, which are now automatically interpreted by the software

- New “Trend Analysis” functionality to facilitate quick evaluation of downhole/surface data without the need to provide all the file inputs. Through this feature, the user can shift the pressure data vertically to correct for any differences in hydrostatic before running the analysis. The ability to automatically shift the data is also available for even faster analysis.

7. Workflow

Streamlined toolbars to improve efficiency and user experience while working with the software

- Streamlined workflow for charting with all user defined and predefined charts now under the reporting tab, enabling easier management

8. Other

Fixed bug which led to incorrect number being displayed under some circumstances when changing data on the schedule screen 

- Improvements in performance with faster simulation and evaluation run times

- Windows 10 support

- Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements

If you're using a previous version of PackPro, simply click the "check updates" button on the help toolbar to download and install the latest update at any time. We recommend running your existing simulation/evaluation files again to ensure you have the latest results.
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