SPE Sand Control for Deep Water Workshop in Malaysia
Published On : 24/01/2013

Philip attended the SPE Sand Control for Deep Water workshop held in Penang, Malaysia between 20-23 Jan 2013. It focused on the application of sand control technology in deep water environments, including both cased and open hole completions, with the aim of identifying best practices and those to avoid.

Philip also presented his paper on the "Evaluation and Improvement of Gravel Pack Treatments Using Advanced Downhole Pressure Analysis" (SPE 146755) and displayed a poster on "Pushing the Envelope in Gravel Packing", reviewing some of the technology that is enabling the extension of gravel pack applications to more challenging environments. The workshop was a great opportunity to both meet and learn from the experience of the global sand control community so we hope to see you at the next one!

For more information about the workshop, please visit the SPE website.
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