PackPro v3.0 Released
Published On : 22/02/2017

PackPro v3.0 has been released and is now available for download. This update includes the following new features and improvements:

1. Well

- Added support for risers in offshore applications

- Added caliper multiplier for improved calibration of open hole diameter

2. Completions

- Added support for isolation valves in the lower completion

- Added support for ICD/AICD screens, including Halliburton’s EquiFlow® range of products, which facilitates the modeling of gravel pack treatments with this technology

- Updated schematic workstring volume calculation to account for tool joints

3. Fluids

- Added Halliburton’s AquaLinear® and Aqualinear® HT fluids to the built-in database

4. Pumping

- Added support for coiled tubing reels with dedicated friction calculations to better simulate thru-tubing and retro-fit treatments

- Added the ability to define fluids and/or gravel anywhere in the wellbore as part of the initial condition for better simulation of treatments requiring spotting or complex fluid trains.

- Removed restriction on pumping gravel in reverse position to enable modeling of spotting operations

- Wellbore and perforations gravel volumes are now reported separately on the schedule screen

5. Advanced Options

- Separate roughness inputs are now available for treating and choke lines as well as screen basepipe/filter annulus to facilitate matching where required

- Global chart colors can now be set under chart options for pump pressure, pump rate, return rate and gravel concentration which are applied throughout the software for consistency (all other lines can be customized individually as detailed under “Results and Reporting” below)

6. Results and Reporting

- Added “animation above packer” tab to display fluid displacement and gravel settling in the workstring and annulus above the packer (simulate module only)

- Enabled custom naming of user generated chart tabs by double-clicking on the tab

- Chart line colors can now be individually customized by double-clicking the line (changes for a given line are applied throughout the software to ensure it is always shown using the same color for consistency)

7. Workflow

- Added “Lock Inputs” toolbar button which allows users to lock a file and prevent accidental editing (all results and reporting features are still accessible)

- Multiple pump rates and pressures can now be imported for a single range when performing evaluation (user will have the option to select which one should be used for calculations)

- Added ability to copy evaluate schedule (as generated from actual data) directly to simulate module for easier and more accurate matching

8. General

- License configuration is now maintained when updating to a newer version of the software so the user does not need to redefine it

- Added support for consecutive delimiters and single character custom delimiters in the data import wizard

- All diameter inputs are now shown to 3 decimal places

- Added several pressure gradient units for completeness

- Significant performance improvements

- Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements

If you're using a previous version of PackPro, simply click the "check updates" button on the help toolbar to download and install the latest version at any time. We recommend running your existing simulation/evaluation files again to ensure you have the latest results.
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