PackPro v4.1 Released
Published On : 10/04/2019

PackPro v4.1 has been released and is now available for download. If you're using a previous version of PackPro, simply click the "check updates" button on the help toolbar to download and install the latest version at any time. This update includes the following new features and improvements:

1. PSD Analysis
a. Added support for additional US mesh sizes
b. Added sand production prediction calculation for standalone screen applications

2. Calculators
a. Friction calculator allows plotting against velocity (as well as rate)
b. Oroskar and Turian coefficient added to settling calculator

3. Well
a. Survey now plotted against TVD by default (previously it was MD)
b. Added the following inputs to the perforation properties:
i. Phasing
ii. Open Perf %
c. Added the following inputs to the reservoir zone data:
i. Vertical/Horizontal permeability ratio
ii. Reservoir fluid viscosity
d. Caliper averaging algorithm updated to better approximate diameter changes
e. Moved caliper tolerance from advanced options screen to caliper data tab
4. Completions
a. “Generic ICD” option now supports multiple port diameters
b. Support for BHGE’s ICD/AICDs has been added
c. Shunt tube nozzle dimensions added and leakoff is now calculated at each nozzle along the tubes
d. “Copy Schematic” button in the toolbar facilitates copy/paste into reports
e. “Volumes” tab added which provides the following functionality:
i. Calculator to determine displacement and packing volumes between any two points in the flow path
ii. Automatic calculation of the volumes and gravel mass between gauges defined in the flow path

5. Fluids
a. Formate brines added to built-in fluids database
b. Last selected fluid is now remembered
c. Copy/paste functionality enabled for rheology grid
d. Copy chart and copy data functions enabled for rheometer chart
e. Shunt reference curve added to rheometer chart
f. Added option to define rheometer test data by shear rate and viscosity

6. Gravel
a. Last selected gravel is now remembered

7. Pumping – Simulate
a. Added a pumping schedule generator to help define a starting schedule
b. Added option to automatically reduce rate for fracturing
c. Added option to automatically reduce rate for alpha/alpha
d. Option added to dynamically vary the choke position and match return rates throughout the treatment

8. Pumping – Evaluate
a. Added ability to sample data points when importing surface and downhole gauge data to reduce file size
b. Ranges are automatically re-ordered in the list by timeline of events
c. Option added to dynamically vary the choke position and match return rates throughout the treatment
d. Schedule shows additional calculated data (consistent with simulate module)
e. “Copy to Simulate” button now copies initial data and well fluids inputs along with the schedule
f. Trend analysis shows all pressure data by default to ensure hydrostatic correction is always applied to all of them

9. Advanced Options
a. Non-default values are now highlighted to easily identify them
b. Added option to define depth for reporting bottomhole gravel concentration and mass (defaulted to packer depth)
c. Added option to switch between internal and external annuli for washpipe gauge measurements
d. Added option to define the net pressure at which bridging will occur in the wellbore if frac pressure is exceeded
e. Moved caliper tolerance from advanced options screen to caliper data tab 
f. Added global options to manage file size and opening/closing performance

10. Results and Reporting
a. Pumping reference parameters added to report
b. The following data has been added to the results
i. Annular pack percentage
ii. Perforation packing volume
iii. Surface cumulative gravel mass pumped
iv. Bottomhole gravel concentration
v. Bottomhole cumulative gravel mass pumped

11. General
a. A bridge now occurs when fracture pressure is exceeded in gravel pack simulations to visually identify the issue
b. Cased hole leakoff calculations revised to incorporate perforation skin
c. Improved performance when files are located on an external drive
d. Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.

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