Sand Control Training Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Published On : 31/10/2015

Philip and Samyak jointly delivered a 5-day sand control training course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 26-30 November 2015 which was attended by a total of 8 people. The course was run in conjunction with SPE Asia and split into two modules – a 3-day introductory/intermediate level module followed by a 2-day advanced level module – which provided companies with the flexibility of sending their engineers to one or both, depending on the training level required.

The presence of two instructors provided multiple perspectives and facilitated more interactive practical sessions which proved to be very useful in stimulating discussion and thought. Due to the success of this course, DuneFront and SPE will be offering it again in Bangkok during 22-26 February 2016. More detailed information and registration instructions can be found on the following links:

22-24 Feb 2016 - Fundamentals of Sand Control Completions: From Concepts to Technique Selection and Design (

25-26 Feb 2016 - Advanced Sand Control Completions: An In-Depth Look at Design, Installation and Evaluation (

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