PackPro v4.0 Released
Published On : 17/04/2018

PackPro v4.0 has been released and is now available for download. If you're using a previous version of PackPro, simply click the "check updates" button on the help toolbar to download and install the latest version at any time. We recommend running your existing simulation/evaluation files again to ensure you have the latest results.

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

1. PSD Analysis

A PSD analysis module has been added to facilitate screen and gravel selection for both standalone screen and gravel pack applications:

- Ability to input PSD data from sieve analysis and compare multiple PSDs.

- Automatic calculation of key PSD parameters such as d10, d50, uniformity coefficient and sorting coefficient.

- Automatic analysis of PSD data using industry recognized criteria for screen and gravel sizing in standalone screen and gravel pack.

2. Calculators

Several new calculators have been added as standalone tools for quick calculation of various parameters:

- Friction calculator for determining friction in various geometries.

- Gravel settling calculator for determining stokes settling velocity and bed height in various geometries and flow conditions.

- Re-suspension calculator for determining minimum velocity required to pick up and transport particles.

- Injection test calculator for determining estimated reservoir pressure as well as frac extension rate and pressure from downhole data.

- Maximum allowable surface pressure calculator for determining the surface screenout pressure based on downhole equipment limits.

3. Cased Hole Gravel Pack Improvements (Below Frac Pressure)

- Improved modeling of gravel diversion into perforations as a function of gravel concentration.

- Improved modelling of fluid distribution and perforation packing in multi-zone applications.

- Support for highly deviated cased hole applications and perforation “auto-packing” with gravel settling.

4. Well

- “Slurry/Water Pack” treatment type option has been removed and replaced with fluid specific settling options (see Fluids section) to facilitate modelling of settling with viscous fluids, including during shunt tube treatments.

- Reservoir zone depth can now be defined by MD or TVD

- Reservoir zone pore and fracture pressures can now be defined in three ways: pressure gradient (as per previous versions of PackPro), absolute pressure, and equivalent mud weight

5. Fluids

- Gravel settling option added to enable/disable settling for specific fluids, replacing the “Slurry/Water Pack” option (See Well section) and facilitating modelling of settling with viscous fluids, including during shunt tube treatments.

- Viscosity can now be defined directly for Newtonian fluids.

- Minimum and maximum viscosity plateaus can now be defined for specific fluids, replacing the global “Limit Viscosity” option.

6. Pumping

- Various reference parameters have been added to the schedule including cumulative volume, stage gravel mass, stage time and cumulative time.

- 20 bpm max rate restrictions has been removed to enable modelling of higher rate treatments.

- Ability to smooth noise and correct offsets in imported data added in the evaluate module.

7. Advanced Options

- “Roping Percentage” option added to enable modelling of fluid roping in the workstring.

- Perforation auto pack and bridging options added for improved modelling of perforation packing, including in high deviation wells.

8. Results and Reporting

- Washpipe gauge positions now shown in the displacement animation.

- Amount of gravel placed below packer during the simulation now shown on the summary screen (blank, screen and perforation).

- Line thickness can now be changed by double clicking any line on a chart.

- Leakoff rate added to results and can be plotted to see where losses are occurring.

9. General

- An evaluation guide is now accessible from the “Help” toolbar, providing an overview of the evaluation and calibration process.

- Press F4 on any input to view unit conversions.

- Press F9 on any depth input to convert MD to TVD and vice-versa.

- Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor improvements.
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